The company known today as Amirnia has established a world class reputation since it's beginning in Tabriz-Iran In 1990. Amirnia's wide range of products, high quality, competitive prices and customer oriented studies made it the leading manufacture of auto original & spare parts in Middle East.
   Amirnia using the total quality management system (TQM), certified by ISO/TS 16949:2009 & EN ISO 9008 standards in order to fulfill the customers need, aims to constantly improving the quality of our products and services, reinforcing our R&D, particularly in the field of new materials, reaching the highest quality, just in time delivery and improving our activity in all markets. This Development is led by a dynamic team of managers and highly motivated personnel. All have an active interest in company's performance through a profit sharing scheme.     Since 2000 Amirnia co. products have been selected as the highest quality from IMI (Iran's Ministry Of Industry and Mines) and ISIRI (Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran). Amirnia co. is the first OEM manufacturer of Peugeot ball joint's in Iran and all its products are according to the international standards such as JASO, SAE and factory standards of Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, KIA motors and Chrysler. Amirnia lab is the first lab in Iran for testing of ball joints and accredited by ITRAK (Iran Test& Research Auto Company) and ISIRI. Amirnia Co is honored to be the first manufacturer of ball joints for SIPA National car called MINIATOR.

Car and human, ball joint and joint. Our aim is to create a safe and durable relation between movement and direction. We are automotive industry expert, but our standpoint of production is to create relaxation for human. Precise, premium and long lasting is what we designed and manufactured for replacement. We have considered passengers who have trusted our name for choosing our products. Amirnia’s experts have responded assuredly to your trust.

Safety and durability is your right.